Raveena Tandon Opens up About Uncomfortable On-Screen Moment in Candid Interview

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon shares candid moment from her career, revealing an uncomfortable on-screen incident.

Sep 28, 2023 - 11:17
Sep 28, 2023 - 11:17
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Raveena Tandon Opens up About Uncomfortable On-Screen Moment in Candid Interview
Raveena Tandon Opens up About Uncomfortable On-Screen Moment in Candid Interview

Renowned Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon recently shared candid insights in an interview, shedding light on her experiences and challenges in the film industry.

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon

One notable revelation was an incident during filming that left her feeling uncomfortable. She recounted a scene where, due to the intensity of the moment, her lips inadvertently touched her co-star's. This unexpected encounter made her feel queasy and she had to step away to regain her composure.

Reflecting on the incident, Tandon recalled, "I remember I was doing a slightly intense scene with a male actor, and I recall his lips accidentally brushed mine. It was entirely unintentional, unnecessary even. In the heat of the moment, it happened. I retreated to my room and felt the need to throw up because I was so taken aback. After the shot, I went upstairs and experienced nausea. It was unbearable. I thought, 'No, this is not right. Please, take care of your hygiene.'"

Tandon's openness about this incident highlights the challenges that even seasoned actors face, particularly in intimate scenes. Her willingness to share such moments provides a valuable perspective on the intricacies of performing in the film industry.

When asked about her daughter Rasha Thadani's budding interest in acting, Tandon emphasized the importance of choice. She stated that if her daughter feels comfortable pursuing acting, then she should be supported. However, she emphasized that no one should pressure her into any path she's not comfortable with.

This candid conversation with Raveena Tandon offers a unique glimpse into the world of Bollywood, where even accomplished actors grapple with unexpected moments on set. What are your thoughts on Tandon's experience? Share your insights with us!

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