“Risking Her Reputation” - Candace Owens' SHOCKING Claim Brigitte Macron Was Born A Man

Mar 15, 2024 - 01:35
Mar 15, 2024 - 01:36
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The Controversial Claims Surrounding Bridget Macron


A recent episode of a popular podcast featured Candace Owens making bold allegations regarding French President Emmanuel Macron's wife, Bridget Macron. Owens claimed that Bridget Macron was born a man and transitioned at the age of 30. She also questioned the authenticity of Bridget's past, including the existence of her alleged first husband. Owens firmly stated that she believes Bridget Macron is, in fact, a man, vowing to stake her professional reputation on this claim.

The Extensive Research and Evidence


Owens referenced journalist Natasha Ray's investigative reporting, which alleged that Bridget Macron, previously known as Jean Michel Trano, was part of a controversial past involving a murdered Baptist pastor linked to a pedophile ring. Ray firmly asserted that the evidence supports Bridget Macron's transgender identity and scandalous history.

Challenges to the Claims and Macron's Response


Upon Owens' revelations, French President Macron responded, denouncing the claims as fabricated and citing them as a form of misogyny. He highlighted the dangers of spreading baseless accusations and emphasized the need for privacy and respect. The controversy surrounding Bridget Macron has sparked debates and opposing viewpoints, with some attributing the claims to far-right political agendas.

Critique of the Media Coverage and Speculation


The podcast discussion highlighted the disparity between American and French media reports on the scandal. While Owens and her co-hosts delved into the sensational aspects of the story, they raised concerns about the motives behind the coverage and the lack of substantial evidence to support the claims. Speculation about Macron's personal life and political influences also came under scrutiny, underscoring the need for verifiable information over sensationalism.

Candace Owens' Stand and Criticism of Political Tactics


Throughout the podcast segment, it became evident that Candace Owens was deeply invested in exposing what she perceived as a significant cover-up regarding Bridget Macron. Owens' unwavering stance against Macron's alleged concealment of identity and past actions shed light on her critical approach toward political figures and their accountability. Her vocal criticism of potential manipulation and exploitation in positions of power resonated with the audience.