Learn English | Jack Ma: Motivational Speech in English (With Big Subtitles)

Jack Ma is a renowned businessman and owner of Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce company. He shared his experience when he was young, made terrible mistakes, and gave specific examples for success. He says that if people want to succeed, every mistake becomes a lesson. People have great stories to share in their lives.

Jan 27, 2022 - 08:55
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Everyone makes mistakes and learns from those mistakes. People might face many problems, but few listen, admire, and follow successful individuals. When an individual becomes successful, people listen and express gratitude.  

Jack Ma is an example of people born in a low-income family and not good at schooling. He gives a brief example of his personal history. He tried to study hard as a student, but his school was not good.       

Failure is an essential lesson of life as Jack Ma went on a job hunt but could not secure one. However, he never gave up hope despite facing so many rejections. An essential point people can learn from this lesson is why should everyone get a chance to be successful?

A great lesson to learn is people should get used to failures. This does not include feeling the urge to gain acceptance by other people. Individuals should ponder on why others should help them?          

Instead, it is essential to understand that people should earn the right to get help. Therefore, an important lesson to learn is never to give up. Individuals should instead think positively that their opportunity has not come up yet.    

There is also another angle to look at the opportunity. When everyone is complaining, people can look for opportunities. Jack Ma gives a personal account of his perception that Bill Gates took his job as a young boy.  

Mario Glove and other billionaires took excellent opportunities from different companies. People who want to grow need to gather support around and help others. The best example of this is Alibaba.

Jack Ma took 18 years to bring Alibaba to one of the top companies in the world. One of the biggest reasons behind the success story is intelligent people. Jack Ma says he does not think he is smart but works with many brilliant people.     

Being successful is not an easy task; individuals need to have a perception of accepting failure to be successful. People who want to be successful need to plan their strategies and goals for the next ten years.               

A personal gathering around an individual also significantly impacts their success. If people want to become successful, they must follow and be around successful people. There will be many disappointments and mistakes they might encounter during this process.    

However, there are a lot of examples in the world that people make mistakes and give up. But the successful individuals do not give up. Interestingly, the perception of success is when people believe that failure to achieve the goal was their fault.       

It is easy to point out someone else for failing to achieve goals, but successful people do not follow this example. This example is the success story of Jack Ma. He has learned from the people who have failed a lot and gives examples to students present in the auditorium as a lesson of success.       

Alibaba is a company that did not start with a lot of money or technology. Instead, 18 people in Jack Ma’s apartment decided to use internet technology to help build startup companies.      

The idea was so great that no one had ever done it before. After 18 years of struggle, the company grew from 18 people to 60,000 employees.      

Alibaba is a success story of many mistakes that help Jack Ma and other people in the company to learn and survive. Interestingly, Alibaba was established to perceive that this company will enable the world to connect. 

Jack Ma created this company under the perception that every century has a company for that century. For instance, Microsoft was a company established in the 20th century.   

The company was established to help build the world and serve the 21st century. This century has its issues and challenges that need to be catered to. Therefore, Alibaba came in 18 years to bring people what they desired. The company gives quality, reasonable and reliable goods or services on the doorstep.                       

Alibaba is also founded on the vision to support young people worldwide. The company also makes sure women can have more jobs. Then the company expanded from China to America, Canada, and Europe.                                 

One of the most attractive characteristics of Alibaba is that they encourage other companies to become e-commerce companies. The latter holds the honor to establish an excellent logistics system to help grow smaller companies. This allows Alibaba and other companies to collaborate and improve the delivery speeds of their goods or services.