NBA Suspends Draymond Green After Altercation with Jusuf Nurkić

NBA suspends Draymond Green after altercation with Jusuf Nurkić. Get the latest on the Golden State Warriors player's suspension and on-court conduct.

Dec 14, 2023 - 12:13
Dec 14, 2023 - 12:14
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NBA Suspends Draymond Green After Altercation with Jusuf Nurkić
NBA Suspends Draymond Green After Altercation with Jusuf Nurkić

During a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Phoenix Suns, NBA player Draymond Green has been handed an indefinite suspension. This disciplinary action follows Green's ejection for swinging at Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkić, marking the second suspension he has faced this season.

The NBA, in its announcement, mentioned that Green would need to fulfill certain conditions set by the league and the team before making a return to the court. However, the specifics of these conditions remain unclear, leaving fans and analysts questioning the duration of Green's absence. The league took into account Green's history of unsportsmanlike acts in determining the severity of this suspension.

Reportedly, Green is expected to meet with Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy and his agent to discuss a "path of counseling and help for Green to move forward." This suggests an effort to address the behavioral issues that led to the suspension.

The incident occurred in the third quarter of the game, where Green and Nurkić engaged in physical play during an inbounds situation. Suddenly, Green swung at Nurkić, making direct contact with his face and causing the 7-footer to fall to the court. The referees assessed a foul, which was later upgraded to a flagrant 2, resulting in Green's ejection from the game.

Nurkić expressed that Green's swing "had nothing to do with basketball," emphasizing the reckless and dangerous nature of the play. Suns coach Frank Vogel also criticized Green, describing the move as a "reckless, dangerous play."

This comes just weeks after Green returned from a previous five-game suspension, where he put Minnesota Timberwolves forward Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. The NBA's decision to suspend Green again reflects the concerns about his on-court conduct.

Green's career has seen multiple suspensions, with this being his sixth. His previous postseason suspension occurred after stomping on the chest of Sacramento Kings forward Domantas Sabonis. With this latest suspension, Green's behavior is under scrutiny, raising questions about the impact on his team, the Warriors, who have now dropped to a 10-13 record after the recent loss to the Suns. The Warriors will face the Los Angeles Clippers without Green in the lineup.

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