Tennis Champ Nick Kyrgios Hits the Internet Spotlight with OnlyFans Debut

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios' exclusive content on OnlyFans. Experience a unique blend of tennis tips, behind-the-scenes, and his journey.

Dec 7, 2023 - 09:25
Dec 7, 2023 - 09:25
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Tennis Champ Nick Kyrgios Hits the Internet Spotlight with OnlyFans Debut
Tennis Champ Nick Kyrgios Hits the Internet Spotlight with OnlyFans Debut

Aussie tennis star Nick Kyrgios has joined OnlyFans to share cool stuff with his fans. The 28-year-old, who won a big tennis title last year, thinks OnlyFans is changing how sports stars share fun things.

Kyrgios said it was a simple decision to start his OnlyFans channel. He thinks it's not just about playing sports; athletes need to be online too. OnlyFans, according to Kyrgios, lets him make, show, and own different things, and he believes that's the future.

The tennis pro, known for his on-court excitement, hinted at sharing interesting stuff on his OnlyFans channel. He mentioned tennis balls, tips, behind-the-scenes looks, and even his "intimate side." Kyrgios wants to bring fans along for the ride and show them everything.

OnlyFans' CEO, Kelly Blair, praised Kyrgios, saying he's a bit like OnlyFans—a game-changer. Blair is excited to see what cool things Kyrgios will share with his fans on the platform.

This isn't the first time celebs have used OnlyFans to share their own stuff with fans. People like Larsa Pippen and Tyler Posey have done it too.

OnlyFans, a website where you can pay to see special content from your favorite creators, started in 2016. While it wasn't made for adult stuff, it got known for that because people could post almost anything.

Kyrgios' decision to join OnlyFans and share more than just tennis stuff shows how celebrities like him can connect directly with fans.

Kyrgios, famous for his on-court drama, became even more popular after being featured on Netflix's tennis show, "Break Point," which talked about his tennis season in 2022 and showed a bit of his relationship with his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi.

In January 2023, an ESPN story told us how Kyrgios and Hatzi first met. Hatzi was selling a mirror on Instagram, and Kyrgios wanted to buy one. After buying the mirror, they started dating, and Hatzi said it was love at first sight.

Kyrgios often talks about how Hatzi brings peace and support to his life. While he had a good tennis year in 2022, winning the Australian Open, 2023 was tougher. He had to miss the Australian Open because of a knee injury, had surgery in January, and couldn't play for the whole year.

Now, with OnlyFans, Kyrgios is starting a new game, sharing all sorts of cool things with his fans. As he steps onto this online court, everyone is excited to see what fun and interesting content he'll bring to the audience.

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