Rashmika Mandanna Faces Trolling Over Old Video on Peculiar Diet Habits

An old video resurfaces, shedding light on the actress's unique approach to nutrition.

Sep 21, 2023 - 03:49
Sep 21, 2023 - 04:11
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Rashmika Mandanna Faces Trolling Over Old Video on Peculiar Diet Habits
Rashmika Mandanna Faces Trolling Over Old Video on Peculiar Diet Habits

Rashmika Mandanna, a prominent figure in both South Indian and Bollywood cinema, is known for her relatability and growing influence in the entertainment industry. However, recent online discussions have centered around an old video in which the actress candidly discusses her dietary habits, revealing a series of surprising contradictions.

In the vintage footage, which recently gained traction on Reddit, Rashmika Mandanna opens up about her daily eating habits. While one might expect a structured routine from a public figure, her revelations have raised eyebrows among netizens.

The actress shares that she recently made the transition to a vegetarian diet, a choice in line with current trends. However, what stands out are her allergic reactions to seemingly benign vegetables like cucumbers, potatoes, capsicums, and tomatoes.

Can anyone make sense of her diet here?
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Following the guidance of her dietician, Rashmika's daily routine begins with the consumption of a liter of water, later replaced with apple cider vinegar. While proper hydration is crucial, her initial water intake upon waking may be considered excessive by nutritionists. Furthermore, the omission of avocado toast from her diet without explanation has left many puzzled.

Rashmika Mandanna opts for mixed vegetables instead of rice, a choice she doesn't elaborate on. Her description of 'light' dinners lacks specific details. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is her oscillation between vegetarian and eggetarian diets, raising questions about the coherence of her nutritional plan.

The actress's dietary restrictions include avoiding potatoes, tomatoes, capsicums, and cucumbers (except for sweet potatoes). While she adheres to certain constraints in Italian cuisine, Rashmika indulges in desserts. This led one observant user to comment, "Your dietician banned avocado toast but is cool with you eating sugar 24x7."

Another user expressed concerns about her eating habits, suggesting a potential struggle with anorexia. They shared similar experiences and emphasized the importance of addressing such issues with sensitivity.

As discussions surrounding Rashmika Mandanna's diet plan continue to unfold online, it's evident that her approach to nutrition has sparked significant interest and debate among netizens. We invite readers to share their thoughts and opinions on this intriguing topic in the comment section below.

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