Ekta Kapoor Claps Back at Trolls: 'I'm an Adult, I'll Make Adult Movies'

Ekta Kapoor stands strong, defending her film 'Thank You For Coming' amid diverse opinions. A bold portrayal sparks conversations. Share your thoughts!

Oct 9, 2023 - 12:35
Oct 9, 2023 - 13:04
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Ekta Kapoor Claps Back at Trolls: 'I'm an Adult, I'll Make Adult Movies'
Ekta Kapoor Claps Back at Trolls: 'I'm an Adult, I'll Make Adult Movies'

Ekta Kapoor, the force behind the film 'Thank You For Coming', has recently faced criticism for her latest project. While the movie has garnered praise from many quarters, there's a faction that has taken issue with the subject matter. Starring Bhumi Pednekar in a leading role, alongside Shehnaaz Gill, Kusha Kapila, and Shibani Bedi, the film has sparked conversations.

Addressing the feedback, Kapoor took to Twitter to engage with the critics. She began by sharing a journalist's tweet calling the film 'disappointing' and expressing concerns about Shehnaaz Gill's screen time. However, it was her response to a troll's remark about making adult movies that caught attention.

In a bold retort, when asked to cease producing such content, Kapoor replied, "No, I’m an adult so I will make adult movies." She didn't shy away when the same user expressed disapproval, saying, "Ok shame on me :)"

The discussion extended to dragging Karan Johar into the conversation, with the user asserting, "You and Karan Johar have spoiled the entire India," and suggesting that due to them, divorces are on the rise in the country.

Kapoor later shared her perspective on the film and the reactions it has evoked. She stated, "#ThankYouForComimg is a little mad movie made by mad crazy partner rhea that doesn’t smash patriarchy but tickles with feathers under its nose so all the bulls hit gets sneezed out !! There is only mad love for d film or unpalpable anger!," emphasizing the diverse range of responses.

She concluded, reflecting on the journey from facing criticism for cultural impact to earning acclaim from both Indian and international press, highlighting the importance of embracing varied perspectives.

Have you watched 'Thank You For Coming'? If so, what are your thoughts on the film? Share your views with us.

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