Deepika Padukone Pregnancy Rumors Stir Controversy

Social Media Outcry as Deepika Padukone Faces Pregnancy Speculation Backlash

Feb 20, 2024 - 08:25
Feb 20, 2024 - 14:31
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Deepika Padukone Pregnancy Rumors Stir Controversy
Deepika Padukone Pregnancy Rumors Stir Controversy

Netizens expressed frustration over rampant speculation regarding Deepika Padukone's alleged pregnancy, particularly in her third trimester, and her purported attempts to conceal a baby bump at the BAFTA Awards 2024.

The internet was ablaze with chatter following reports hinting at Padukone's pregnancy, with congratulatory messages flooding fan club accounts and armchair critics scrutinizing her BAFTA appearance, suggesting strategic wardrobe choices to mask a potential baby bump.

However, amidst the frenzy, a wave of sensibility swept through social media, with users pushing back against invasive speculation. Redditors, in particular, drew a clear distinction between harmless gossip and respectful reporting, urging restraint and empathy.

Comments ranged from pleas for privacy to condemnation of the invasive nature of such rumors. Users emphasized the toll pregnancy can take on women and criticized the insensitivity of discussing such personal matters without regard for the individual's well-being.

One user even took a swipe at the incessant speculation culture, drawing parallels to similar rumors surrounding another Bollywood star, Katrina Kaif, since her clandestine wedding.

The pregnancy rumors gained traction following Padukone's appearance at the BAFTA Awards, where she dazzled in a stunning saree, igniting further speculation about her personal life.

Amidst the rumor mill, Padukone remains focused on her professional endeavors, currently collaborating on "Kalki 2898 AD" alongside Prabhas and Amitabh Bachchan.

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