Ultra Right Introduces 'Real Women' Calendar Pushing Back Against Bud Light's Different Ads

Clash in beer advertising: Ultra Right's 'Real Women' Calendar takes on Bud Light's controversial approach. Traditional values meet a changing market.

Dec 8, 2023 - 09:21
Dec 8, 2023 - 09:22
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Ultra Right Introduces 'Real Women' Calendar Pushing Back Against Bud Light's Different Ads
Ultra Right's 'Real Women' Calendar Challenges Bud Light's New Ads

Bud Light, a popular beer brand, tried something different in its ads, but not everyone liked it. They featured Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist, and it caused some problems. People stopped buying Bud Light, and their sales went down.

Now, a guy named Seth Weathers from Georgia has a different idea. He started a "woke-free" beer company called Ultra Right. To make a statement against the new and progressive ads, he's launching a calendar called "Real Women of America 2024." This calendar shows pictures of important conservative women and says something about traditional values.

Seth Weathers spoke to Fox News and said, “We've reached incredibly stupid times when it's ‘controversial' to say men can't be women. This calendar will serve as a reminder: Men can never replace the beautiful women of America.”

He wants to celebrate what he calls "real" women and show that he disagrees with the idea that someone can change from being a man to a woman.

And here's something cool: Seth Weathers will give 10% of the money from selling the calendar to the Riley Gaines Center. This place helps keep women's sports safe from things that might hurt it, according to Weathers.

This calendar comes out just when Bud Light is having a tough time. Because of Mulvaney's ads, Bud Light's sales went down a lot. People in some places stopped buying their bottled beer by 30% and the kind you get from a tap by 50%.

The issue is that Bud Light tried to include everyone in their ads, but it ended up making some people mad. They lost customers who liked sports, everyday workers, and even some women who used to buy their beer. This made people think about how brands should or shouldn't get involved in big issues.

Seth Weathers's calendar is his way of saying, "Let's go back to the old way of doing things." In the past, beer ads were about fast cars, being proud of your country, and showing what people thought was beautiful. Weathers wants to take back what his brand stands for and show that it's different from Bud Light.

The stories of Bud Light and Seth Weathers teach us something important about business. Trying to include everyone in ads, even if it's a good idea, can sometimes upset people. It can even make them stop buying your product. Seth Weathers's calendar is his way of saying that understanding what your customers want is very important. It's a lesson in how businesses can shape how people see them and how it affects their success and what investors think about them.

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