In Conversation with Dr. Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger talking to New Economic Forum gives his version of foothills on the cold war with China. Joe Biden’s presidency has increased the level of conflict with China. The growing political crisis among two superpowers can lead to a dangerous start. The former secretary of state and national security advisor speaks with Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait in Singapore. He asserts that many leaders need to counsel each other on global issues that could endanger humanity. America needs to adapt to prevent conflict in the future for humanity. This requires a strong political will and direction to accomplish. However, at present Biden administration does not seem to look into this as a solution.

Jan 27, 2022 - 08:58
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China's belt and road initiative is considered economic bullying for the American administration. However, other opportunities exist to solve the current political crisis. Both countries and their political counterparts need cooperation for a joint solution to achieve this. China’s intentions are considerably questionable during these times. Hence, they are pushing their economy towards the maximum potential of their country.           

This also includes the level of competition that needs to be balanced to prevent political or military conflict. Intellectuals belonging to these countries need to cooperate on neutral grounds. This includes a suitable business model that would mutually help both countries improve their economic outlook. America needs to revise its monetary and foreign policy that would depend upon cooperation with countries worldwide.   

Artificial intelligence has been a large part of the competition between the US and China. However, looking at this technology another way around will help build positive relations. Nonetheless, both countries have been using it to spy on each other.      

Suppose this technology is used to determine business and economic prosperity. In that case, all problems will be solved, however, if China believes itself as superior to America in terms of technology and artificial intelligence race.

Then it is imperative that psychological superiority leads to a conflict that will have global consequences. American and China must realize that cooperation and development are essential for maintaining global peace.

Nowadays, cyberwarfare has become a subject of interest between China and American. These countries now use it to prove superiority over others for military purposes. This is dangerous for the countries that will come in between the crossfire of America and China. The countries taking sides during the process may face dire consequences on long-term diplomatic relationships.       

For instance, if China and America reach a diplomatic solution to their problems and reduce the current crisis threshold. This will help them identify friends and foes if a conflict occurs. Hence, it will further lead to a hostile political stance against those countries who take sides as unexpected. Then, even if US and China solve their problems, new international political rivalries will begin.                

Henry Kissinger says that there are opportunities for global cooperation that could bring benefits. However, other tensions in the world need to be carefully addressed. This includes the nuclear proliferation treaty, as it needs to be addressed by every country in the world. Governments need to have diplomatic coordination and political collaboration as the only way to solve conflicts.                    

This is only possible when a high level of dignitaries considers cooperating. Another area where countries need to collaborate is climate change, intelligence, and economic cooperation. Climate change is something, which can help nations to come together and help the world make a safe place. It has a massive role in the political relationship between American and China. Both countries are doing their best to improve it by the next decade.   

However, global cooperation does not exist between them. This leads to a blame game between countries and is counterproductive for humanity. No government must engage in a race to prove itself superior. No country in the world would accept to call itself inferior to its competitors. Intelligence is also one of those factors where governments need to cooperate and prevent from violence and conflicts.    

If countries fight proxy wars, then it is a dangerous human existence. Therefore, in this case, every state must establish mutual intelligence coordination to prevent a deliberate security lapse.

These fall over the leadership of the US and China to solve it mutually. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by establishing a medium of economic cooperation. This would encourage countries worldwide to pool in their diplomatic resources and help each other prosper.        

Henry Kissinger emphasized during his interview that no matter what problems countries are facing. All that is required is cooperation on international diplomacy, politics and economic grounds.

This world has no place for violence and conflicts. There is no end to violence and wars; they have prevailed for centuries. Violence and disputes lead to social catastrophe where generations perceive to hate each other.