iShook Daily & ishook iShook Daily & ishook en Copyright 2022 iShook & All Rights Reserved. Peninsula floods News Update: Elevated tides cause Promontory floods, Seal Ocean side tainting As unforgiving weather conditions is normal in Lengthy Ocean side this week, the city is developing the edges along the coast to forestall more floods.

A break in the edge at 72nd Spot caused floods at the Landmass. It permitted water to descend Sea Avenue up to 67 Spot, as per Jake Heflin, the Long Ocean side Local group of fire-fighters public data official and Long Ocean side State 2011 graduate.

(Overflows stretch for a significant distance along the Long Ocean side Landmass to forestall more floods)

"There are still downpour contemplations in the neighborhood flooding that happens in lower lying regions, however the Landmass likewise is a beach front," Heflin said. "Grows, high waves, the direction of the expands relying on which course they come from are contributing elements to the circumstance [on Friday]."

As the flood died down, inhabitants along the Landmass used the city-gave blocks and lined their homes to forestall water harm.

While the high expands didn't arrive at the homes at Seal Ocean side, the dock was shut until additional notification after it supported harm from high surf and wind conditions. The ocean side is additionally shut after sewage debased the water.

(Trash and plastic are dispersed along Seal Ocean side after elevated tides on Saturday morning)

Heflin made sense of weighty downpour makes metropolitan flooding redirect to the LA Stream and the San Gabriel Waterway. Those streams stream into the Long Ocean side region and decrease the water quality.

The tainting was apparent along the shore as the tide acquired monstrous measures of trash and plastic.

Jackie Lean and her family from Seal Ocean side started cleaning the ocean side when they saw the garbage Saturday morning. Lean said she needed to delineate significant life examples to her kid and seven-year-old children.

(Jackie Lean and her family clean Seal Ocean side after elevated tides wash trash and plastic along the shore Saturday morning)

"We felt that it was a decent opportunity to show our children obligation and that in the event that 'you don't make it happen, don't anticipate that others should make it happen,'" Lean said as she got plastic containers along the sand. "'Allow it to begin with you on the off chance that you want to finish things and don't trust that others will make it happen.'"

Charge Aho is likewise a Seal Ocean side occupant and a CSULB 1991 graduate. He said the elevated tides had been the most awful since he moved to the ocean side a long time back.

"Each colder time of year there are tempests and elevated tide. This is somewhat typical for the promenade a little," Aho said. "The tide wasn't adequately elevated to get into the house, however this was the most awful I've seen it."

(Promontory inhabitants line their homes with barricades to forestall conceivable water harm)

Downpour and tempests are normal Monday and Tuesday in Lengthy Ocean side. The city is encouraging inhabitants to play it safe.

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Georgia versus TCU Final Score and Results: Bulldogs come out on top for second successive championship with noteworthy defeat of Horned Frogs The Bulldogs executed the biggest victory in public title game history, such a lot of that Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett was pulled from the challenge to get a wildly energetic applause with 13:25 left in the final quarter and The SEC keeps on being the kings of the School Football Season finisher.

As the familiar axiom goes:when it rains, it pours" means when something bad happens other bad things usually happen at the same time. and oh joy was their a heavy storm of focuses in Monday night's School Football Season finisher public title among Georgia and TCU.

Sadly for fans of the exemplary title game shootout, this one was somewhat surprisingly unbalanced. When the game clock at long last struck zero, the Bulldogs had come out on top for their second consecutive championship by a score of 65-7.

The vaunted Georgia protection badgering TCU quarterback Max Duggan the entire evening, keeping the fourth-best scoring offense in the country to simply a solitary score. The current year's Heisman second place was held to only 152 yards passing with zero scores and two interferences. He scored the group's solitary score on the ground late in the main quarter yet that was all around as close as they at any point got the remainder of the way.

Bulldogs quarterback Stetson Bennett set up a magnificent execution, scoring six complete scores prior to being pulled toward the beginning of the final quarter. However, even after the starters were pulled, the Georgia reinforcements proceeded to lay on the focuses with one more two scores from green bean running back Branson Robinson.

Notwithstanding this game going crazy well before it hit halftime, there was still a lot to gather from this noteworthy beatdown by the Bulldogs. So, we should investigate three things we gained from the current year's School Football Season finisher public title game.

Georgia will have a lot of players drafted for a second continuous year:

Contingent upon what site you visit, you can find upwards of seven Georgia players among the best 100 possibilities during the current year's draft. With 15 all out players drafted a year prior, the Bulldogs have a genuine shot at possibly coming near that number this season and a victory prevail upon TCU will just add to their generally real on-field resumes.

While matching that 15 all out players drafted would be something to see, it'd be considerably more noteworthy to watch them produce one more five first-round picks in a moment continuous draft. With folks like guarded tackle Jalen Carter, hostile tackle Broderick Jones, and cornerback Kelee Ringo driving the way as agreement top-20 players, it should be an inescapable outcome before draft season even formally shows up.

TCU's presentation will not help for future non-SEC groups battling for the School Football Season finisher:

With Georgia bringing home their second consecutive championship, the SEC has now won the beyond four School Football Season finisher public titles and six of the initial nine in the CFP time.

This year, many accepted 10-2 Alabama should have been in the season finisher over either TCU or Ohio State, both of whom finished the customary season with just a single misfortune. Everything equivalent, the last two groups unquestionably merited it over a group with additional misfortunes, however the people who have watched school football over the beyond 10-15 years realize that a two-misfortune Alabama group is still probably better compared to most of one-misfortune groups and likely even a few undefeated clubs.

In any case, let me get straight to the point: I accept the determination got it Right with these four groups. I simply wish TCU had the option to set up all the more a battle against the Bulldogs as now this result will be utilized as new feed to undermine future meriting groups who are just at fault for playing the timetable that is before them.

NFL quarterback or not, Stetson Bennett is a darn decent football player:

At the point when the clock ticked away in the primary half, Stetson Bennett was the creator of four complete scores (two hurrying, two passing). At that point, that was additionally a similar measure of deficiencies he had through the initial 30 minutes of guideline (13-of-17, 213 yards).

When Bennett was removed from the game with north of 13 minutes staying in the last period, he had a last detail line of 304 passing yards, four scores, 39 hurrying yards, and two additional scores on the ground.

Whether the entire thing works for him in the NFL, he's shown enough as quite possibly of the most-useful passer in school history that it'd be extraordinarily astounding were he not to get a potential chance to play more football after his school profession comes to a nearby.

Perhaps a position change is in his future. Hell, it turned out for Julian Edelman, and Bennett looked very great in the open field on Monday night. Perhaps he shakes things up for The Stone in his revived XFL?

Anything that he winds up doing not long from now, I'll pull for him.

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Secretive Giant TSMC's $100 Billion Plan to Fix the Chip Shortage Survey

According to a survey, a single company makes 24% of the total world's chips and makes advanced chips more than 90%. These advanced chips are used in Apple devices and only TSMC is making such chips.


Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing company stands for TSMC and is in the progress of making new iPhone chips. During the pandemic, TSMC ran out of chip supply that's why Apple had to the delayed launch of the new iPhone 13 but now to meet that chips shortage TSMC has invested $100 Billion into a new plant which can create much better chips than before that is predicted to be used in iPhone 14.

For now, TSMC's new plant site is closed for United States media. But there are some rumors that the site is vulnerable to earthquakes, droughts, and geopolitical tensions with China. It is being constructed in the Arizona desert.


First United States was known as the father of chips but now 75% of the total world's chips are being made in Asia. But now as TSMC has invested $100 Billion in their new plant they are bringing the world's most advanced chip-making company back to the United States. Also, there is a $12 Billion fabrication plant.


Morris Chang is the first founder of TSMC. He has a quiet history about his career. He was born in China and studied in different universities like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. He thought of an idea of pure manufacturing and nothing else. When he proposed his idea of TSMC to his investors, they were skeptical about it because they thought it won't be much successful as it is now today. In 2018 Morris Chang retired from his post.

Chip Making

Rick Cassidy is working in TSMC for 23 years and talks about how hard is the process of chip making. He says that each step in the chip-making is done by different companies from making a base to putting electrical circuits in it.

In chips, Silicon is used as a base and there are 100 layers of silicon and each layer has transistors and an electrical circuit. The technology of lithography is used to print. Lithography includes precise rays of light. The smallest transistor that is used in chips is 10,000 times smaller than human hair and there are 50 billion-plus transistors on a thumbnail-size chip. These thumbnail size chips are used in CPU, GPU, IPU. 28 to 40-nanometer chips are used in cars.


At first, investors didn't want to invest in it but soon in 1994, it got listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange and also became the first company to get listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


At this time only TSMC and Samsung are manufacturing the chips. When chip manufacturing ideas came new then Intel and other companies also started to make their chips but they all soon backed down because it takes a lot of time and money to make a single chip. Now only TSMC and Samsung are standing in the race because only they can make the most advanced chips.

TSMC has a special separate series of chips for Apple products which is called the A-series. Apple broke down the 15 years of partnership with intel and started getting TSMC chips because the product speaks for itself.

Why They Don't Allow Media on The Site?

On TSMC's new plant United States media is not allowed to take footage or to record any video because they want a product IP address. TSMC says that this site is especially for making 5-nanometer chips.


There are a lot of challenges that TSMC is facing during the construction. They need tons of gallons of water in construction and as it is being constructed in the desert it is a great challenge. So, 95% of the total water is being restored to meet the needs of the site. At this time, Taiwan is facing drought but the engineers claim that it is not due to the usage of water at the site. This drought is completely natural.

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In Conversation with Dr. Henry Kissinger China's belt and road initiative is considered economic bullying for the American administration. However, other opportunities exist to solve the current political crisis. Both countries and their political counterparts need cooperation for a joint solution to achieve this. China’s intentions are considerably questionable during these times. Hence, they are pushing their economy towards the maximum potential of their country.           

This also includes the level of competition that needs to be balanced to prevent political or military conflict. Intellectuals belonging to these countries need to cooperate on neutral grounds. This includes a suitable business model that would mutually help both countries improve their economic outlook. America needs to revise its monetary and foreign policy that would depend upon cooperation with countries worldwide.   

Artificial intelligence has been a large part of the competition between the US and China. However, looking at this technology another way around will help build positive relations. Nonetheless, both countries have been using it to spy on each other.      

Suppose this technology is used to determine business and economic prosperity. In that case, all problems will be solved, however, if China believes itself as superior to America in terms of technology and artificial intelligence race.

Then it is imperative that psychological superiority leads to a conflict that will have global consequences. American and China must realize that cooperation and development are essential for maintaining global peace.

Nowadays, cyberwarfare has become a subject of interest between China and American. These countries now use it to prove superiority over others for military purposes. This is dangerous for the countries that will come in between the crossfire of America and China. The countries taking sides during the process may face dire consequences on long-term diplomatic relationships.       

For instance, if China and America reach a diplomatic solution to their problems and reduce the current crisis threshold. This will help them identify friends and foes if a conflict occurs. Hence, it will further lead to a hostile political stance against those countries who take sides as unexpected. Then, even if US and China solve their problems, new international political rivalries will begin.                

Henry Kissinger says that there are opportunities for global cooperation that could bring benefits. However, other tensions in the world need to be carefully addressed. This includes the nuclear proliferation treaty, as it needs to be addressed by every country in the world. Governments need to have diplomatic coordination and political collaboration as the only way to solve conflicts.                    

This is only possible when a high level of dignitaries considers cooperating. Another area where countries need to collaborate is climate change, intelligence, and economic cooperation. Climate change is something, which can help nations to come together and help the world make a safe place. It has a massive role in the political relationship between American and China. Both countries are doing their best to improve it by the next decade.   

However, global cooperation does not exist between them. This leads to a blame game between countries and is counterproductive for humanity. No government must engage in a race to prove itself superior. No country in the world would accept to call itself inferior to its competitors. Intelligence is also one of those factors where governments need to cooperate and prevent from violence and conflicts.    

If countries fight proxy wars, then it is a dangerous human existence. Therefore, in this case, every state must establish mutual intelligence coordination to prevent a deliberate security lapse.

These fall over the leadership of the US and China to solve it mutually. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by establishing a medium of economic cooperation. This would encourage countries worldwide to pool in their diplomatic resources and help each other prosper.        

Henry Kissinger emphasized during his interview that no matter what problems countries are facing. All that is required is cooperation on international diplomacy, politics and economic grounds.

This world has no place for violence and conflicts. There is no end to violence and wars; they have prevailed for centuries. Violence and disputes lead to social catastrophe where generations perceive to hate each other.

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Learn English | Jack Ma: Motivational Speech in English (With Big Subtitles) Everyone makes mistakes and learns from those mistakes. People might face many problems, but few listen, admire, and follow successful individuals. When an individual becomes successful, people listen and express gratitude.  

Jack Ma is an example of people born in a low-income family and not good at schooling. He gives a brief example of his personal history. He tried to study hard as a student, but his school was not good.       

Failure is an essential lesson of life as Jack Ma went on a job hunt but could not secure one. However, he never gave up hope despite facing so many rejections. An essential point people can learn from this lesson is why should everyone get a chance to be successful?

A great lesson to learn is people should get used to failures. This does not include feeling the urge to gain acceptance by other people. Individuals should ponder on why others should help them?          

Instead, it is essential to understand that people should earn the right to get help. Therefore, an important lesson to learn is never to give up. Individuals should instead think positively that their opportunity has not come up yet.    

There is also another angle to look at the opportunity. When everyone is complaining, people can look for opportunities. Jack Ma gives a personal account of his perception that Bill Gates took his job as a young boy.  

Mario Glove and other billionaires took excellent opportunities from different companies. People who want to grow need to gather support around and help others. The best example of this is Alibaba.

Jack Ma took 18 years to bring Alibaba to one of the top companies in the world. One of the biggest reasons behind the success story is intelligent people. Jack Ma says he does not think he is smart but works with many brilliant people.     

Being successful is not an easy task; individuals need to have a perception of accepting failure to be successful. People who want to be successful need to plan their strategies and goals for the next ten years.               

A personal gathering around an individual also significantly impacts their success. If people want to become successful, they must follow and be around successful people. There will be many disappointments and mistakes they might encounter during this process.    

However, there are a lot of examples in the world that people make mistakes and give up. But the successful individuals do not give up. Interestingly, the perception of success is when people believe that failure to achieve the goal was their fault.       

It is easy to point out someone else for failing to achieve goals, but successful people do not follow this example. This example is the success story of Jack Ma. He has learned from the people who have failed a lot and gives examples to students present in the auditorium as a lesson of success.       

Alibaba is a company that did not start with a lot of money or technology. Instead, 18 people in Jack Ma’s apartment decided to use internet technology to help build startup companies.      

The idea was so great that no one had ever done it before. After 18 years of struggle, the company grew from 18 people to 60,000 employees.      

Alibaba is a success story of many mistakes that help Jack Ma and other people in the company to learn and survive. Interestingly, Alibaba was established to perceive that this company will enable the world to connect. 

Jack Ma created this company under the perception that every century has a company for that century. For instance, Microsoft was a company established in the 20th century.   

The company was established to help build the world and serve the 21st century. This century has its issues and challenges that need to be catered to. Therefore, Alibaba came in 18 years to bring people what they desired. The company gives quality, reasonable and reliable goods or services on the doorstep.                       

Alibaba is also founded on the vision to support young people worldwide. The company also makes sure women can have more jobs. Then the company expanded from China to America, Canada, and Europe.                                 

One of the most attractive characteristics of Alibaba is that they encourage other companies to become e-commerce companies. The latter holds the honor to establish an excellent logistics system to help grow smaller companies. This allows Alibaba and other companies to collaborate and improve the delivery speeds of their goods or services.

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