Ivanka Trump Testifies in Significant Case Involving Trump Properties

Ivanka Trump's testimony in a crucial case about Trump properties. Get insights into the ongoing legal battle and its potential impact. Learn more.

Nov 8, 2023 - 11:21
Nov 8, 2023 - 11:21
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Ivanka Trump Testifies in Significant Case Involving Trump Properties
Ivanka Trump Testifies in Significant Case Involving Trump Properties

Ivanka Trump, who is the daughter of Donald Trump, went to court to talk about some important things. This case could have a big impact on buildings owned by her dad and brothers, including the famous Trump Tower in New York.

A judge already said that Donald Trump and his two grown-up sons, Eric and Donald Jr, did something wrong. They were accused of saying their things were worth more than they really were, so they could get loans more easily. Ivanka Trump was also part of the case at first, but then a higher court said she didn't have to be.

Ivanka really didn't want to talk in court. She said she's not so involved with her family's business anymore, and she didn't want to leave her kids during the school week. But the judges said she had to come.

When Ivanka talked in court, she answered questions about emails that were shown to her. The emails were meant to help with the case. But Ivanka said she didn't remember them.

This case is very important for the Trump family. The judge will decide if they did things that were not right, like changing records and doing things that are against the rules.

The New York Attorney General, Letitia James, wants the Trump family to pay a lot of money, about $250 million, and also follow strict rules when doing business in New York.

Ivanka used to have a big role in her family's company until 2017, just like her brothers Eric and Donald Jr. She helped with buying and selling buildings, which is a big part of this case.

Ivanka Trump

The people in charge say that Ivanka played a big part in getting money from the bank for buildings like Trump National Doral Miami and others. They say that because of her, her dad didn't have to pay as much, saving him a lot of money.

Since the end of her dad's time as president, Ivanka hasn't been in the public eye much. She moved to a special place in Miami and stayed away from her dad's campaign for president in 2024.

Ivanka's turn to talk in court came after her dad was there for more than four hours. He said that sometimes the numbers for his buildings weren't exactly right, but it didn't matter for the people who gave him money.

The case is taking a long time, and it will probably keep going until the middle of December. After Ivanka, there won't be any more people from the Trump family talking in court for this case.

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