Israel-Hamas Conflict Continues for 29th Day: US Secretary of State Talks with Israeli Prime Minister

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Nov 3, 2023 - 08:55
Nov 3, 2023 - 08:55
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Israel-Hamas Conflict Continues for 29th Day: US Secretary of State Talks with Israeli Prime Minister
Israel-Hamas Conflict Continues for 29th Day: US Secretary of State Talks with Israeli Prime Minister

The fight between Israel and the Hamas group from Palestine has been going on for 29 days now. It's a very tense situation. Israeli soldiers have surrounded the city of Gaza and are dropping a lot of bombs from the sky.

Antony Blinken, who is the US Secretary of State, had an important talk with Benjamin Netanyahu, who is the leader of Israel. They discussed many things. Israel said they do not want to stop fighting with Hamas right now. They want to keep going until they have dealt with Hamas and rescued the people they believe are being held hostage.

Hassan Nasrallah, who leads a group called Hezbollah, will speak later today. People are worried that the problems in this area might spread to other places nearby. Hezbollah and the Israeli forces have been fighting more and more.

Other news says that gas is now flowing from Israel to Egypt again. This comes after a short break. It's good for Egypt because they need gas for their people. There's a big gas field called Leviathan that's sending gas. But it's not as much as before.

The price of oil in the world market has gone down by about 4% this week. This is because the fight between Israel and Hamas doesn't seem like it will get much bigger right now. People are more interested in how well the US economy is doing.

The leader of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, said that Israel's reaction to what Hamas did seems like they're trying to get back at them, rather than just protecting themselves.

Israel has been doing more attacks on groups that are supported by Iran in Syria. Some of these groups are very close to Israel's borders. Israel is not always telling Russia beforehand when they plan to attack. This is making Russia and Israel's relationship worse.

Blinken, the US Secretary of State, said before leaving the US that he will talk with Israeli leaders about stopping Hamas, giving help to the people in Gaza, and getting US citizens out of the danger zone. He also said they need to talk about how to make a lasting peace.

The UN, which helps countries in need, said that Israel has been doing more fighting in northern Gaza and in the city of Gaza. They have also been dropping a lot of bombs. In just one day, 256 Palestinians have died. This is very sad. Since the fighting started, 9,061 people in Gaza have died, according to the UN. Two Israeli soldiers also died in Gaza on Thursday.

Israeli soldiers had a fight with Hamas in Gaza at night. They fought against things like rockets and explosives. They stopped the bad guys from getting close to their vehicles.

Bahrain, a small country near Saudi Arabia, said that their important people who were in Israel have come back home. They also said that Israel's important people have left Bahrain. This happened some time ago.

This is what's happening now in the fight between Israel and Hamas. It's very important to hope for peace and safety for everyone.

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