Ryan Reynolds 'Deadpool' Misses MCU Debut in Doctor Strange 2: Here's the Scoop!

The untold story of Deadpool's near MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2. Marvel's latest update unveils surprising twists and future plans!

Dec 31, 2023 - 07:05
Dec 31, 2023 - 07:06
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Ryan Reynolds 'Deadpool' Misses MCU Debut in Doctor Strange 2: Here's the Scoop!
Ryan Reynolds' 'Deadpool' Misses MCU Debut in Doctor Strange 2: Here's the Scoop!

Marvel movies bring us superheroes and exciting stories. One superhero we all love is Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool was supposed to be in a Marvel movie called Doctor Strange 2. Let's find out what went down!

Marvel made history with Avengers: Endgame, bringing many heroes together. They wanted Deadpool in their big family too. Imagine the fun! But plans changed, and Deadpool didn't show up in Doctor Strange 2, directed by Sam Raimi.

The movie had cool actors like John Krasinski, Hayley Atwell, and Sir Patrick Stewart. But, to be honest, the story didn't impress everyone. One standout was Elizabeth Olsen, playing Scarlet Witch.

Before Doctor Strange 2 came out, people thought they saw Deadpool in the movie poster. Ryan Reynolds, the actor who plays Deadpool, said, "Nope, I'm not in the movie." But fans still wondered.

Ryan Reynolds and the movie's writer, Michael Waldron, talked about Deadpool being in Doctor Strange 2. Waldron said they considered it but decided it wasn't the right fit.

Some other things in the movie, like a group called the Illuminati, didn't excite fans. So, maybe it's good Deadpool wasn't there. There were also rumors about Tom Cruise making a quick appearance as another Iron Man, adding more excitement.

Even though Doctor Strange 2 didn't meet everyone's expectations, it earned a lot of money—$955.7 million worldwide! But here's the cool part: Deadpool will finally be in the Marvel family with his own movie, Deadpool 3. It's coming in July 2024, and guess what? Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine! Shawn Levy is directing, so get ready for more fun.

If you missed Doctor Strange 2, you can watch it on Disney+. Stay tuned for more Marvel updates and fun stories from iShook Daily! Marvel has lots of surprises for us.

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