Israel in State of War After Deadly Incursion: PM Netanyahu Vows Victory

Gaza Militants Launch Surprise Attack, Prompting Swift Response.

Oct 7, 2023 - 09:05
Oct 7, 2023 - 09:06
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Israel in State of War After Deadly Incursion: PM Netanyahu Vows Victory
Israel in State of War After Deadly Incursion: PM Netanyahu Vows Victory

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares Israel "at war" as Gaza Strip militants launch a surprise attack, firing over 2,000 missiles and infiltrating southern regions, resulting in an estimated 22 Israeli casualties. Swift mobilization of defense forces and international responses mark the onset of a major conflict.

 Hamas attack on Israel

Escalation of Conflict 

Gaza militants launch an unprecedented attack on Israel, firing over 2,000 missiles and infiltrating southern areas. Prime Minister Netanyahu declares the nation "at war" and vows an uncompromising response.

Israeli Response 

In retaliation, Israel initiates "Operation Swords of Iron," reinforcing all arenas and deploying warplanes to strike back within the Gaza Strip. Defense forces face challenges accessing some communities overrun by Hamas.

International Concerns and Calls for Restraint 

Global leaders express concerns and urge restraint. The EU's Borrell emphasizes the urgent need for cessation of hostilities, while Russia calls for an immediate ceasefire. The UN's Wennesland appeals for de-escalation.

US Condemnation of Hamas Attacks 

The US strongly condemns the unprovoked attacks by Hamas, affirming that there is never any justification for terrorism. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan engages with Israeli counterparts.

Hezbollah's Message 

Hezbollah views the Hamas operation as a message against Arab countries normalizing ties with Israel. The group asserts that armed resistance is the only means to confront Israeli aggression.

Concerns of Wider Conflict 

Oil analyst Gary Ross highlights the oil market's apprehension about potential Iranian involvement, raising the specter of a wider conflict between Israel and Iran.

Turkey's Stance 

President Erdogan of Turkey opposes the occupation of the Al Aqsa mosque, emphasizing its significance as one of the holiest places of worship for Muslims. He calls for de-escalation and highlights the mosque's importance.

Israeli Mobilization and Defensive Measures 

Israel's defense forces implement an extensive mobilization of reserves and reinforce southern regions. Fighter jets strike multiple Hamas targets, demonstrating a robust defensive posture.

Repercussions and Disruptions 

The conflict's impact extends beyond immediate casualties, with disruptions in planned visits and concerns for potential escalation. Governments worldwide respond, emphasizing the need for restraint and condemning violence.

Historical Context 

The incursion coincides with the anniversary of the Yom Kippur war, a significant historical event in the region. The conflict underscores the longstanding tensions and challenges in the Middle East.

As the situation unfolds, the international community closely watches for developments and hopes for a de-escalation of hostilities

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