Hugh Jackman's Alleged Romance with Sutton Foster Sparks Controversy After Recent Separation

Hugh Jackman's rumored relationship with Sutton Foster stirs controversy post-separation. Explore the details of this Hollywood love saga on iShook Daily.

Dec 15, 2023 - 12:01
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Hugh Jackman's Alleged Romance with Sutton Foster Sparks Controversy After Recent Separation
Hugh Jackman's Alleged Romance with Sutton Foster Sparks Controversy After Recent Separation

Rumors are circulating about actor Hugh Jackman's possible romantic involvement with Broadway co-star Sutton Foster, following his separation from wife Deborra-Lee Furness. The two collaborated on the musical "The Music Man," and reports suggest their connection may have begun during Jackman's marriage. Despite Jackman's public separation announcement, Foster has not confirmed any split from her husband, Ted Griffin. Insiders claim Jackman's admiration for Foster dates back to their initial meeting, potentially overlapping with his marriage to Furness. Both parties have yet to address the speculations.

Amidst the news of Hugh Jackman's separation from his wife of 27 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, fresh rumors have surfaced regarding a potential romance with Broadway co-star Sutton Foster. The speculations hint at a connection that might have started while Jackman was still married.

The actor and Foster worked together on the revival of the musical "The Music Man" until the beginning of this year. While Jackman publicly announced his separation from Furness in September, Foster has not made any statements about a divorce or separation from her husband, Ted Griffin, whom she has been married to since 2014.

The timeline of Jackman and Foster's alleged romance remains uncertain. Reports suggest that the actor has been fond of Foster since they first met last year, potentially implying an overlap with his marriage to Furness. Insiders claim that their connection blossomed while working on their musical project, where Jackman treated Foster as a star and expressed his admiration for her.

Hugh Jackman with Sutton Foster

Despite being married, Jackman and Foster reportedly developed feelings for each other during their time on Broadway. The insider revealed that Jackman, a powerful figure in the production, always treated Foster with great respect and equality, even insisting on sharing equal billing above the title of the show.

The rumored relationship has been described as no secret on Broadway, with Jackman allegedly following Foster around "like a puppy." The Tony Award-winning actress is said to be equally smitten with Jackman, praising him as the highlight of her experience.

While the duo continues to support each other both on and off-screen, their rumored relationship has sparked infidelity rumors, suggesting that Jackman may have cheated on his wife with his Broadway co-star. As of now, neither Hugh Jackman nor Sutton Foster has commented on these speculations. Stay tuned for updates on Hollywood relationships.

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