New Celebrity Couples Spark Romance Rumors as 2023 Ends

From cozy island getaways to public declarations of love, Hollywood welcomes new relationships as 2023 comes to a close.

Dec 12, 2023 - 07:28
Dec 12, 2023 - 07:29
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New Celebrity Couples Spark Romance Rumors as 2023 Ends
New Celebrity Couples Spark Romance Rumors as 2023 Ends

As 2023 wraps up, Hollywood lights up with love! Kevin Costner and Jewel, Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco, Lupita Nyong'o and Joshua Jackson—celebrities are making hearts flutter with new romances. Dive into the glamorous world of Hollywood and explore the exciting love stories shaping the end of the year!

Kevin Costner and Jewel: New Romance in the British Virgin Islands

Famous actor Kevin Costner and singer Jewel are creating buzz with rumors of a budding romance. The pair was recently spotted in a cozy setting in the British Virgin Islands, where Costner attended Jewel's tennis fundraiser for the Inspiring Children Foundation on Richard Branson's Necker Island. While neither has officially commented on the speculations, sources suggest they share a mutual interest in exploring a potential relationship.

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Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco: Love Confession on Social Media

Selena Gomez has decided to let the world know about her relationship with musician Benny Blanco. Taking to Instagram, Gomez expressed her love for Blanco and defended their relationship against online comments. The revelation comes after six months of being together, with Gomez even sharing a picture wearing a ring featuring Blanco's initial.

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Lupita Nyong'o and Joshua Jackson: Strolling Hand-in-Hand in Joshua Tree

Actress Lupita Nyong'o and actor Joshua Jackson have been seen strolling hand-in-hand in Joshua Tree, California. The two initially tried to keep their interactions private, adding to the intrigue surrounding their budding relationship. Jackson's recent divorce from Jodie Turner-Smith and Nyong'o's confirmation of her split from Selema Masekela add an extra layer of curiosity to their story.

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Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson: Public Kisses Amidst Divorce

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner has been spotted sharing public kisses with Peregrine Pearson. Following her divorce from Joe Jonas, Turner has reportedly been casually dating. Insiders note her increasing closeness to Pearson, and while things are still in the early stages, Turner appears content with how her romantic journey is progressing post-divorce.

Joe Manganiello and Caitlin O'Connor: Red Carpet Debut After Sofia Vergara

Actor Joe Manganiello has made his red carpet debut with Caitlin O'Connor, marking a new chapter post his divorce from Sofia Vergara. The actors attended an event together in New York, seemingly confirming earlier reports of their growing relationship. Meanwhile, Vergara has been romantically linked with orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman.

Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía: From Friendship to Romance

Actor Jeremy Allen White and singer Rosalía are rumored to be more than friends, with photographs capturing them holding hands in front of paparazzi. The alleged romance reportedly evolved from a friendship. Insiders note White's admiration for Rosalía's style and intellectual savvy, while Rosalía appreciates his easygoing personality.

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