Big News: Colorado Court Says Trump Can't Run Again for US presidential Election

Colorado Court Says "No" to Trump on Ballot

Dec 20, 2023 - 02:47
Dec 20, 2023 - 02:47
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Big News: Colorado Court Says Trump Can't Run Again for US presidential Election
Big News: Colorado Court Says Trump Can't Run Again for US presidential Election

The Colorado Supreme Court has made a historic decision, stating that Donald Trump cannot run for president again. This significant ruling is causing a stir in the legal landscape, adding new twists to Trump's political journey.

Why Trump Can't Run Again?

A court in Colorado said Trump can't run for president again. They said it's because of a rule that says if you try to take over the government by force, you can't be the boss. But it's not final yet; Trump's team can argue in a higher court.

Trump's Team Doesn't Want Someone to Talk

Trump's lawyers are trying to stop a professor, Ashlee Humphreys, from talking in court. She talked before about how much money Trump should pay for saying bad things about a lady, E. Jean Carroll. Now they want her to stay quiet in another case. But she spoke in other big cases, and people agreed with her. Now they're trying to stop her from talking again.

Giuliani Has More Legal Trouble

After paying a lot of money for saying wrong things about election workers in Georgia, Giuliani, who used to work with Trump, has more problems. The workers want to stop him from saying more wrong things. They say he's still talking bad, so they want it to stop. Giuliani says he's right, and he's going to fight back.

Dec. 18: More Legal Moves and Speech Limits

On December 18, more legal stuff happened. A court said no to Mark Meadows, who used to work with Trump, trying to move his case to a different court. They said what he did was not part of his job, so he has to face the charges in the normal court. Trump's lawyers also asked a court to drop charges against him. They say what he said about the election being fixed is just him talking, and he's allowed to say it. But a court said not so fast to Trump talking more in public about his case. They want him to keep quiet about some things.

In Short: Trump's Legal Fight Continues

So, Trump is still in the middle of a lot of legal fights. From problems with running for president again to stopping people from talking and more court moves, it's a big legal drama. We'll keep you updated on what happens next!

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