U.S. Commits to Stop Using Coal for Electricity to Help the Environment

The U.S. commitment to stop using coal for electricity joins global efforts for a cleaner environment. Learn more about this significant move.

Dec 2, 2023 - 05:05
Dec 2, 2023 - 05:06
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U.S. Commits to Stop Using Coal for Electricity to Help the Environment
U.S. Commits to Stop Using Coal for Electricity to Help the Environment

The United States has said it won't use coal for making electricity. This decision puts the U.S. with 56 other countries that also want to use less coal because it's bad for our planet.

The person in charge of this decision, John Kerry, shared the news. He said the U.S. is now part of a group called the Powering Past Coal Alliance. This group is about not building new coal plants and slowly stopping the ones we already have. They didn't say exactly when all the existing coal plants will stop, but other plans suggest it will be by the year 2035.

John Kerry said, "We want to stop using coal all over the world. This will help make our economies stronger and our communities safer. The first thing to do is not build any more new coal power plants."

In the U.S., many coal plants were already closing because it's cheaper to use natural gas and renewable energy. About 20% of the electricity in the U.S. comes from coal, down a lot from 2008.

Coal is not good for the environment because it makes a lot of carbon dioxide, which is not good for our planet. The U.S. has been telling other countries, especially China and India, to also stop using so much coal because it's causing problems for the Earth.

By joining the Powering Past Coal Alliance, the U.S. is showing the world that it wants to help with climate change. The alliance has been around for six years, and now the U.S., along with six other countries, is part of it. This is a positive step towards using cleaner and better energy sources.

The decision is a team effort to protect the environment, and it includes not just big countries like the U.S., but also others like the Czech Republic and the Dominican Republic. The goal is to have cleaner and safer energy for everyone.

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