Live Updates on Israel-Hamas Conflict: Alert for Rocket Attacks Despite Truce, Concerns for Israeli Villages Near Gaza

Live Updates: The Israel-Hamas conflict has escalated since Oct 7. Stay tuned for live updates on this crisis. insights on the latest developments. #IsraelHamas #BreakingNews

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Live Updates on Israel-Hamas Conflict: Alert for Rocket Attacks Despite Truce, Concerns for Israeli Villages Near Gaza
13 Israelis, Including 4 Children, Return Home Safely After 49 Days of Captivity in Gaza | Image Source: Times of Israel

Live News Updates: Major Development in Israel-Hamas Conflict - Qatar Secures 96-Hour Truce Starting at 7 am. This Break Follows the October 7 Attacks by Hamas on Israel.

In Response, Israel Launches Operation Iron Swords in Gaza, Sparking Global Concerns Over Civilian Casualties. Toll Rises: 1,300 Israelis, 15,000 Gazans. 240 Israelis Held in Gaza. Stay Tuned for Updates. #IsraelHamas #BreakingNews

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Key Moments

  • Truce Declared: 96-hour break brokered by Qatar ends Israel-Hamas conflict since Oct 7.
  • Iron Swords Launch: Israel's Operation raises concerns for Gaza's civilians.
  • Global Outcry: Worldwide demands immediate ceasefire for innocent lives.
  • Heavy Toll: 1,300 Israelis, 15,000 Gazans lost; 240 Israelis trapped.

  • 24 Nov 2023 01:08 AM
    IDF Strikes Ahead of Truce: Top Hamas Commander Eliminated

    IDF fighter jets successfully eliminated Amar Abu Jalalah, a senior operative in Hamas' naval forces. He played a key role in directing multiple terror attacks at sea, all thwarted by Israeli forces. Additionally, an unnamed Hamas naval forces operative was also neutralized in this intelligence-backed mission.


  • 24 Nov 2023 01:09 AM
    Hamas Spokesperson Declares Ceasefire 'Temporary'

    While confirming the halt of hostilities on Telegram, a spokesperson for Hamas later emphasized the 'temporary' nature of the ceasefire. In a video message, Abu Ubaida, spokesperson for the group's armed wing, urged an escalation of confrontation with Israel on all resistance fronts.

  • 24 Nov 2023 01:10 AM
    Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Commences

    The Israel-Hamas war experiences its first pause, with a ceasefire in effect for the next 96 hours, marking a significant moment in the ongoing conflict.


  • 24 Nov 2023 01:11 AM
    Post-Ceasefire Alert: Sirens Echo in Israeli Villages Moments After Truce

    warning sirens pierce the air in two Israeli villages near the Gaza Strip, signaling a potential threat of rocket attacks from the Hamas-ruled enclave. The 96-hour ceasefire, a groundbreaking pause since the conflict ignited on October 7, commenced at 7 am local time (10:30 am IST) on Friday.


  • 24 Nov 2023 02:44 AM
    Hamas Announces Release of 13 Israeli Hostages

    Hamas is set to release 13 Israeli hostages, including 12 women and a child, later today. This development follows the earlier abduction of 240 individuals from Israel.

  • 24 Nov 2023 03:17 AM
    Israel's Defense Minister Expects More War with Hamas

    The Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, thinks the fight with Hamas will last at least two more months. He says they'll start fighting hard again after a short break. The goal is to win and put pressure to bring back the hostages.

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