Jason Momoa's Easy Diet for Aquaman Role: "I Just Eat"

Jason Momoa spills on his straightforward diet for Aquaman: "I just eat." Discover his easy approach to staying fit for the role.

Dec 17, 2023 - 09:17
Dec 17, 2023 - 09:17
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Jason Momoa's Easy Diet for Aquaman Role: "I Just Eat"
Jason Momoa's Easy Diet for Aquaman Role:

Jason Momoa, 44, shares insights into his balanced diet while preparing for the physically demanding role of Aquaman. The actor emphasizes eating without strict calorie counting, stating, "I just eat and consume. I'm constantly moving and work long days."

Momoa adopts a flexible food plan, allowing a variety of options. His approach involves consuming ample calories to support his intense daily activities. Describing his routine as "work hard, eat hard, play hard," he prioritizes overall health rather than vanity.

The actor highlights the importance of staying fit to avoid injuries during the filming of action-packed scenes, particularly when donning the 40-pound Aquaman suit. Momoa's commitment to maintaining a healthy body aims to ensure he can handle physically demanding roles without compromising his well-being.

In Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Momoa's character evolves, portraying a husband and father. The actor expresses excitement about revealing new facets of Aquaman that were not explored in previous films. The sequel delves into the challenges faced by Aquaman as he safeguards his family while confronting the return of the formidable Black Manta, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

Momoa's dedication to the role is evident in his desire to showcase different dimensions of Aquaman, emphasizing the character's personal growth and responsibilities. As the stakes rise in the upcoming movie, Momoa teases a compelling storyline where Aquaman must protect his son and wife, setting the bar high for the hero's challenges.

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