Urgent Alert: Israeli Military Advises Gaza City Residents to Evacuate Before Upcoming Operation - Israel-Hamas War Live Updates

A spokesperson from the UN warns that the evacuation order impacts 1.1 million individuals and may lead to severe humanitarian challenges. This comes as there are predictions of a possible Israeli ground operation.

Oct 13, 2023 - 02:57
Oct 13, 2023 - 04:44
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Urgent Alert: Israeli Military Advises Gaza City Residents to Evacuate Before Upcoming Operation - Israel-Hamas War Live Updates
Urgent Alert: Israeli Military Advises Gaza City Residents to Evacuate Before Upcoming Operation - Israel-Hamas War Live Updates

Late Thursday night, the United Nations received a significant notice from the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), stating that all residents in northern Gaza should leave the area in the next 24 hours and relocate to the southern part.

The UN's announcement explained that this evacuation covers everyone living north of Wadi Gaza, a river that divides Gaza into north and south.

This directive is applicable to both Gazans taking shelter in UN facilities and UN staff. The UN Secretary General's spokesperson emphasized that about 1.1 million individuals are affected, and executing such a task would pose substantial humanitarian challenges.

Following this, at 7:30 am in Tel Aviv, an IDF spokesperson issued a video update specifically addressing Gaza City residents. The message strongly advised them to move south of the Gaza river for their own safety.

Reports from Reuters estimate the population of Gaza City at around one million, while Al Jazeera suggests it to be approximately 700,000.

The update did not specify the exact time Palestinians have for evacuation. Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an IDF spokesperson, mentioned, "We understand that this will take time, it's not an easy process."

IDF Evacuation Advisory: Full Statement

The IDF strongly advises all residents of Gaza City to promptly vacate their residences, heading southward for their own safety and protection, and relocating to the area south of Wadi Gaza, the Gaza River, as indicated on the accompanying map.

The Hamas terrorist organization has instigated hostilities against the state of Israel, and Gaza City is now an active military zone. This evacuation is a vital precaution for your well-being. You will only be permitted to return to Gaza City upon receiving further notice. Please do not approach the security fence of Israel. Hamas operatives are concealed in Gaza City, utilizing tunnels, residences, and buildings populated with innocent civilians, effectively using them as human shields.

Over the next few days, the IDF will persist in its operations in Gaza City, ensuring the safety of civilians remains a paramount concern, and every effort will be made to prevent harm to them.

Live Update Starts From Here...

Get a live view of the Gaza skyline following the recent rocket launches by Hamas into Israel. Source: Reuters.

Key Moments

  • IDF urges immediate evacuation of Gaza city for civilian safety.
  • Hamas terrorists are present in Gaza city, using civilians as shields.
  • IDF commits to minimizing harm to civilians during operations.

  • 13 Oct 2023 03:02 AM
    Israel Expresses Concerns to China and Palestine's Stance in Tokyo

    Israel's foreign ministry conveyed their "deep disappointment" in a conversation with China's Middle East envoy. This was due to China's failure to strongly condemn Hamas's recent attack. The ministry emphasized the need for an unambiguous denouncement of the heinous actions by Hamas, involving a terrible act against innocent civilians and the subsequent abduction of many to Gaza.


    At a press conference held in Tokyo, the local representative of Palestine's permanent mission expressed dissatisfaction with the western world's support for Israel. However, they also acknowledged Japan's potential to maintain a neutral role. They emphasized the urgency for an end to violence from both sides, deeming it crucial to the peace process.


  • 13 Oct 2023 03:03 AM
    Hamas Urges Palestinians to Stay Home Amid Israeli Evacuation Orders

    Hamas, in response to Israel's extensive evacuation directives in Gaza, has advised Palestinians to remain in their residences. The Hamas authority for refugee affairs emphasized the importance of standing resolute in the face of what they deemed a manipulative psychological warfare waged by the occupying forces.


    Israel has mandated the evacuation of the northern regions of Gaza, which includes the densely populated Gaza City, where hundreds of thousands reside. Due to Israel's complete sealing off of the territory, Palestinians are restricted to seeking refuge only within the southern parts of Gaza. According to the UN, a staggering 400,000 Palestinians have already been displaced.

  • 13 Oct 2023 03:04 AM
    Hungary Ensures Safety, Prohibits Rallies Supporting Terrorist Groups

    Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, declared on Friday that Hungary will not permit any demonstrations in support of "terrorist organizations." He emphasized that every Hungarian citizen, regardless of their faith or background, should feel secure.


    Orbán expressed dismay over sympathy rallies for terrorists happening throughout Europe, and stated that there have been attempts even in Hungary. He stressed that allowing such rallies would pose a threat of terrorism to Hungarian citizens, which is why they will not be allowed.


  • 13 Oct 2023 03:05 AM
    Humanitarian Crisis: 400,000 Displaced, 23 Aid Workers Lost in Gaza

    Since the retaliatory strikes began in response to the Hamas attack on Saturday, over 400,000 individuals have been forced to leave their homes in the Gaza Strip. Tragically, 23 aid workers, including health personnel and UNRWA employees, have lost their lives.


    The UN's humanitarian office (OCHA) has urgently appealed for nearly $294 million to assist the 1.3 million people in Gaza and the West Bank. Almost half of this sum is allocated for food aid as supplies reach critically low levels.


    OCHA emphasized the escalating crisis, with the number of internally displaced persons in the Gaza Strip rising by 25% in the past 24 hours, now surpassing 423,000. Of these, more than two-thirds seek refuge in UNRWA schools, highlighting the urgent need for humanitarian intervention.


  • 13 Oct 2023 03:14 AM
    Urgent Plea for International Intervention in Gaza Crisis

    Melanie Ward, the Chief Executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians, has sounded the alarm about the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza. Ward warns that the current displacement of Palestinians, driven by violence, could lead to a permanent upheaval akin to ethnic cleansing.


    Ward's earlier warning of a potential mass evacuation was met with skepticism from British diplomats, who dismissed her concerns as alarmist. However, the situation on the ground is dire, with 15 of her staff members in northern Gaza facing extreme fear, confusion, and panic. The infrastructure has been severely damaged, rendering movement almost impossible, especially for the elderly and disabled. Hospitals are overwhelmed, leaving injured individuals lying on the floor.

    Ward urgently calls for international intervention to halt this escalating crisis. She emphasizes that even if people choose to stay in their homes, they should be recognized as civilians and not subjected to military targeting. The situation demands immediate attention from the international community to prevent further suffering and loss of life.


  • 13 Oct 2023 03:15 AM
    Access Restrictions Implemented for Friday Prayers at Temple Mount

    Israeli authorities in Jerusalem have implemented access restrictions for Friday prayers at the Temple Mount, limiting entry to individuals aged 60 and above.

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