Dwayne Johnson Ensures Stable and Special Christmas for His Daughters

Read how Dwayne Johnson prioritizes stability for his daughters during Christmas. The Black Adam star shares his heartwarming holiday traditions and family moments.

Dec 24, 2023 - 08:37
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Dwayne Johnson Ensures Stable and Special Christmas for His Daughters
Dwayne Johnson Ensures Stable and Special Christmas for His Daughters

Dwayne Johnson, widely known as The Rock, recently shared his commitment to establishing stable Christmas traditions for his daughters. The 51-year-old Black Adam star emphasized the importance of celebrating the holiday season at home, a practice he didn't always experience during his own childhood marked by constant relocations.

Reflecting on his family's past, Johnson stated, "[My family] continuously moved around... So our tradition was really just to have Christmas wherever we were." Despite being an only child in a small family, the tradition focused on togetherness during the festive season.

Now a father of three daughters—Simone (22), Jasmine (8), and Tiana (5)—Johnson not only passes down the tradition of spending Christmas together but also introduces new routines to make the occasion special for his girls.

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In an effort to provide stability during the holiday season, Johnson explained, "On Christmas Eve, the little ones do their best to stay up... So that's our tradition now: to wake up and live Christmas and the holidays through the girls."

While speaking at the Mana Holiday House party for his tequila brand Teremana, Johnson emphasized his dedication to achieving a balance between his professional and family life. He expressed gratitude for the flexibility in his schedule, allowing him to be more present for his daughters.

Acknowledging the significance of being a "girl dad," Johnson highlighted the tender moments and the positive impact his daughters have had on him. In a previous interview in 2021, he shared how raising his girls with his wife, Lauren Hashian, revolves around creating an environment where there are no limits to life.

"Lauren and I like raising them in an environment and a culture where there are no limits to life. You can do anything you want, and you can achieve anything you want," Johnson said. "However, I need you to be flexible with how we get there."

In conclusion, Dwayne Johnson's commitment to creating stable and memorable Christmas traditions for his daughters showcases his dedication to family and the importance of shared moments during the holiday season.

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